Our Services

Full Certification   

Full Certification services are rendered for income and corporation tax payer to keep track of legal regulations and so, possible risks, which can be observed in the Finance Ministry’s investigation, can be prevented. Furthermore, Fiscal Ministry has been declared that; firms have taken certification services, are not investigated except notification and special cases. Also it is announced that firms, do not have a certification service yet would be focused before all else. This service decreases possible tax investigation risk. In addition, erroneous applications can be determined in advance and this creates a possibility to correct them.

Besides, while issues, which were determined during audit studies and were brought to company management’s attention, strengthen the management’s audit function, valuation of components used in tax planning in connection with management minimizes the tax costs.
 As a Full Certification Consultancy Firm, our certification service can be defined such as;

Attachments of the Corporate Tax Return and the Income Tax Return

The procedures authenticating capital payment

Investment allowance procedures

Calculation of tax-exempt income

VAT refund

Calculation of Senior Committee shares of Radio and Television Supreme Council’s advertisement income

Determination of compliance to the legislation of capital increases to be funded from internal resources

Determination of existence and maintenance of conditions to be fulfilled for tax exemption for foundations

Other special purpose due diligence reports

VAT Refund:

VAT refund process is a pretty long and requires intensive effort for the firms. This process is reasonable just by working compatible with the Tax Administration. Preparation of certification report has accelerated the cash refund and caution release process. By this way some advantages are created for the clients.

Internal Audit:

The firm is audited according to the law in force, GAAP, modern business model and profitability principle by our experienced staff.

Tax Planning:

Compliance methods of legislation are presented to corporate management to minimize tax costs. In order to support this process, we enforce the implementation together with the client.

Free Trade Zone Applications and The Relationship Between Group Firms:

Staff portfolio includes CPAs who have experiments about free trade zone applications. By the help of them, the relationship between Turkish firms and firms operate in free trade zone or the relationship between the agency in free trade zone and head office in Turkey can be defined clearly. By this way risky applications revealed and are informed to corporate management. Our CPAs give the necessary support to clients to fix the risky situations.

In the highest risky subjects in tax applications such as; the relationship between group firms’ members, expense allocation, applied expenses, transfer pricing between group firms, each kinds of credit advance payments relationship are given service to clients by our company.